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The story of our logos

The CATS logo is both distinctive and unique. After receiving recurrent funding in 1994 the CATS Management turned to young adults, in special and mainstream schools, for the artistic expression of the CATS philosophies and aims.

A competition was held in which senior students were asked to design a logo that represented the aims and objectives of CATS Inc.

The winning logo, which remains unchanged from its original format, illustrates two figures, which represent young people, journeying along a pathway into the community. The community is represented by the buildings in the background. The surrounding sun symbolises the light of empowerment, achievement, inclusion and a bright future.

Logo newspaper article

Over the years CATS has built on the main logo and introduced sub-logos for each of the main programs offered.

Each of these logos were developed by the young adults with disabilities involved in the programs, through a workshop that brainstormed the purpose, aims and outcomes of the activity. Each participant was invited to draw a picture of what the program meant to them. Some of the logos use a completed picture by a young person, some use a combination of pictures drawn by different young people.

Each logo continues to show figures representing people, the pathway, and the surrounding sun symbolising light and a bright future.