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Proud Partners

What is Proud Partners?

Proud Partners primarily involves a young person with a disability forming a partnership with a local business to assist the young person reach personal goals, ultimately becoming more involved and independent in their broader community.

The options for partnerships are endless, and can be tailored to suit the individuals involved. For example, you could enter into a partnership like the one we already have established between a young person and a business, or you could look at pro-bono work, in-kind donations or workplace giving. The Federal Government is keen to encourage community business partnerships so has introduced a range of administrative and tax measures to facilitate partnerships,” says CATS Manager Katrina Johnson


Pilot Partnership

In February 2005 local land valuing firm Foster McNabb and Associates became the Inaugural business partner by sponsoring David Fields, a young man with Down Syndrome. David and Foster McNabb’s partnership has received considerable media coverage through local media.

Through this partnership David was able to form a good relationship with Robert McNabb and ultimately reached his literacy goal at TAFE. In 2006 David was able to graduate from CATS Inc , having achieved independence in his activities, including the activities sponsored by Foster McNabb and Associates.

When describing their Proud Partner experience Robert and Christine McNabb said:

“It has been very positive, we are always informed about what is going on and David’s progress. We feel both David and ourself have gained memorable experiences from our association with this program. Not only has it provided us with an incite to what CATS is about we are also very pleased with the progress of David especially as now he is able to graduate from CATS”.


How can you be involved?

CATS Inc is offering you the opportunity to partner with one of our young people.

Given that we get government funding you might be asking why we are also seeking your support.

The unmet need of people with a disability is great. Funding provided by Government sources is limited, and inadequate. We work hard at making Government funding go as far as it will to provide the most support as possible to young people. However, young people could achieve much more and have access to greater opportunities with additional support.

We also believe that partnering with a local business could give young people benefits that money can not buy, such as playing a part in the broader community, the chance for mentoring and a sense of achievement.

While we are committed to giving you concrete returns for your investment, there would be less tangible benefits for you in getting to know a young person with a disability, and the real difference you are making to their skills, abilities and quality of life.


Returns to Sponsors

We appreciate that there are a lot of good causes you could support, and that supporting a community cause can sometimes feel like a one-way drain.

We want to be true partners, not just replace the word “charity” with the word “partnership”.

Customers and employees are increasingly demanding that businesses be socially responsible. Sponsoring a CATS Inc young person is one way of showing your customers and employees that you are actively engaged in local community work.

In Australia one in five people report having a disability therefore people with disabilities and their families and friends may be a significant proportion of your customers.

We would do everything we could to promote your business’s support and involvement including:

  • Listing on our website, including a link to your own website
  • Exposure in our newsletter
  • Posters about your sponsorship at all displays we have– International Day of People with a Disability, Ipswich Disability Services Expo and any others
  • Posters, which could feature a photo with your sponsored young person, to display at your business

You might also like to feature the young person in your own promotional material, for example including a flyer about your sponsorship in outgoing mail, or even adding a tagline such as “Proudly sponsoring a young person with a disability in Ipswich towards independence and life achievement” to your letterhead or invoices.

The young person you sponsor will keep you up to date with their progress in the sponsored activity. You may like the young person to visit you on a regular basis, or perhaps you would prefer a written update. Again, it would be an individual agreement, and any arrangements made would suit you and the young person.


How would your partnership work?

You would sponsor the young person to be supported in a specific developmental activity, for example two hours per week to attend literacy training at TAFE.

You can decide the sort of activities you would like to sponsor, and CATS can match you up with a young person who would benefit from those activities, providing a ‘good fit’ with your organisation.

An individual sponsorship agreement will be created with you. There can be flexibility in the level of financial commitment and the type of direct contact you would like with the young person.


Taxation Information

CATS Inc is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient, therefore donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible. You can confirm our status at www.abr.gov.au by entering our ABN: 42 076 331 325.

Individual or business donations to CATS Inc are deductible providing we don’t offer you a “material benefit” (such as paid advertising) in return.

CATS Inc would be happy to join you in seeking a tax ruling to ensure we set up a partnership with favorable tax outcomes.


Workplace Giving

Each year Australian individuals give much more in tax-deductible donations than is actually claimed as tax deductions, only to forget or misplace the receipts before tax time.

The Australian Taxation Office now allows employers to collect and pass on donations from employees to approved charities and, at the same time, pass the tax deduction directly onto their employees in each pay period.

For more information on workplace giving see www.ato.gov.au