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Shared Arrangements

There can be distinct benefits in utilising funding by participating in some of the activities in shared support groups of two-three people, these include:

  • Development of social skills
  • Development of support networks and friendships with other young people.
  • Sharing common interests and hobbies.
  • Increased number of hours of support.  This results as the young people may only require one Lifestyle Support Worker to assist the two young people in the activity, having the effect of halving the costs of hours of support to the individual, increasing the time available to receive more support hours.

Shared arrangements are appropriate when the young people with disabilities have similar interests, and compatible personalities.  Consideration is also given to the abilities of the young people when determining levels of support required, and the nature of the activities and involvement’s.  CATS will assist families identify and establish shared arrangements, where appropriate and relevant, for those young people who decide to access the CATS service.

Shared arrangements require an understanding of the people involved that such arrangements may be vulnerable, lack long term sustainability as it may be affected by the individual’s ability and willingness to participate in the activity being shared, including the rapport and compatibility of those being supported.